A celebration of a place, and how a place can help heal.
Heal. is nothing more than a humble celebration of embracing an area when a mind needed it most. Southern Utah, with a heavy emphasis on how Zion National Park captured me, is at the core of this collection. I often stumble upon small moments anchored in their details, but I only discovered these moments during a battle with depression where my mind required a distraction and an escape. Context seemed like a necessary element to help guide the images, so I started writing notes to accompany each image. The notes started as nothing more than a grounding of my mental state and a brief description of the day, but soon they began to embody the feeling and importance of the scene as well as capture the atmosphere of Southern Utah as a whole. My mind began to heal with each image taken and each story written, Zion and Southern Utah were there to provide and listen.
All of the images within Heal. were taken within the Southern Utah area in just over a year between the beginning of 2019 and fall of 2020. I found that this area was best defined by its intimacy rather than its grandeur as I learned and practiced photography around it. These details found in a grand and solemn place come together to communicate the true solace one can find by simply embracing it. I hope you find some solace in this collection as well.

_ Published by Platanus Editions | Mountain Trail Press

_ Printed and bound in South Korea

_ Rich sandstone-toned cloth cover, blind debossed, thread bound

_ 10in. x 13in. elegant hardback

_ 104 Litho printed pages

_ 180gsm Neo Matte Art Paper with Low VOC Soy oil-based ink

_ ISBN: 978-0-9993493-6-6

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_ Each print is printed on Moab Paper Juniper Baryta Rag 305 GSM with a small white border around the image

_ Each print is treated with a Moab Paper Desert Varnish coating for added protection and durability

_ Each print is signed, and presented in a signed and numbered vellum envelope with the image's story printed upon it

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