Andrew Baruffi



In 2016 I became more interested with the idea of photography becoming a more central part of my life. I had just finished a trip to Iceland in May and after coming home it seemed as if all of my images of the trip were empty, lifeless, and without feeling. Iceland is known as a photographer's paradise, but because I didn't understand the foundations and elements of photography, my photos suffered from a lack of knowledge.

Once back home at the beginning of June, I purchased my first ultra-wide angle lens. It was one of the best decisions of my life even if my wallet didn't think so at the time. The lens fundamentally changed the way I thought about compositions, conditions, and photography as a whole. For the first time I felt a push to get up, get out, and continue to advance my knowledge of the elements of photography in the outdoors. I became increasingly interested in photographing the night sky due to the Southern Utah area around me. Dark skies are local to my home, and the thought of being able to capture something that a camera can see better than the human eye was exhilarating.

"Giddiness" is a word I use a lot to describe the feeling I receive from photography. Every time I look at a photo on the back of my camera after a shoot that I've researched, planned, and spent hours in freezing darkness for, I get a rush of giddiness. It's that giddiness that keeps me inspired and motivated to continue to capture moments. I hope to return to Iceland soon with the knowledge I've gained, and finally express my vision of the country's beauty through my images.


I moved to Cedar City, Utah from Las Vegas, Nevada in 2005. Over the years living in the area I've discovered that Southern Utah is one of the greatest places one can live due to the diversity in landscapes that can be found just miles apart from each other. I am a former student of Southern Utah University and I completed my Bachelor's Degree in History and Film and Screen Studies. My family owns The Grind Coffeeshop in Cedar City where I've worked as a barista for over 9 years. When not taking photos or working; I'm either spending time with my family, hiking, traveling, or preparing for the next adventure.

From January to November of 2018 I moved to the Washington, D.C. area after having completed my undergraduate education in Southern Utah. I worked for National Geographic as a Visitor Experiences Representative in their museum exhibitions, but found myself losing touch with my passion for photography and nature in the city-based lifestyle. I have since moved back to Southern Utah, and am fully expecting to build a career out west centralizing in outdoor conservation and preservation while re-focusing on my love for photography.

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